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Mounting Systems

We only supply and fit the best quality mounting systems for a range of different roof and ground mounted applications to give our customers the reassurance and piece of mind that they are looking for. Our engineering department, supply chain and quality management teams work together to ensure you receive high quality, well-engineered and reliable products that are designed to stand the test of time.


Each installation is unique, and often has different requirements for the mounting of solar panels. We have installed panels on pitched roofs, flat roofs, corrugated roofs, in garden spaces, on garages and in many other locations you might not typically expect. For this reason, we supply and fit a wide range of mounting systems to suit these individual applications. These are detailed in the following sections:


Tiled & Slate Roofs

Most domestic properties use tiled or slate roofs, which are the most common installation carried out by Solar Cardiff partners in UK. This involves the installation or our stainless steel roof hooks that are fixed directly into your roofs rafters, ready for rails to be attached to. Due to the differing shapes and sizes of tiles and slates on UK roofs,

We have in stock a wide range of solar pv fixing hooks that suit any application, ensuring the right fitting for the job.


Flat Roofs

For Solar PV installation to a flat roof, We use a unique mounting frame and fixing system, which allows for the precise pitch and angle of each panel to be achieved. Two flat roof fixing systems are available.

The first option, and often preferred option is to integrate the fitting of the panels into the roof joists themselves. This involves creating an opening within the roof space, and attaching the panel frame directly to it.

Once the work has been carried out, membrane and roof timbers are replaced to ensure a water tight seal in achieved.

The second option is to create a totally free-standing frame, which then uses ballast material to hold the solar panels in place. This is often preferred if a roof has been recently re-covered to ensure roofing warranties are kept in tact.

For installations on a flat roof, We will carry out a full site assessment to ensure the structure of the roof is capable of taking the weight stresses that will be put through it. A fully detailed report will be provided before work is carried out.


Corrugated Roofing

More common in commercial and agricultural solar pv installations are corrugated roofs. Solar Cardiff has a number of fixing methods available for fixing to corrugated roofs, and has vast experience of working on busy commercial sites. For metal roofing systems, our installers use specially fabricated rails that can be riveted directly into the roof itself if thick enough, or clamped directly onto raised areas of the roof that will support the weight of the solar panels. For concrete corrugated roofs, our fixing system is very similar to that of metal roofs, but uses stainless steel screws and watertight plugs to allow secure fixings to the roof structure.


In-roof systems


In-roof systems are growing in popularity for new build homes or total re-roofs. These systems are  growing quickly in popularity as they integrate seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of the building, and look like part of the roofing material rather than an addition. The roofing system involves the installation of a tray that covers the area of the solar PV install to ensure a weather tight seal is achieved. This then allows for the relevant brackets and rails to be fitted, before the final placement of the solar panels themselves.


Ground Mounted Systems

 Ground mounted systems allow the use of outdoor space on your property for the generation of solar energy. This is a good solution to those people with roofs that are not suitable for solar panels (such as thatched roofs), or those wishing to keep solar panels out of sight. Floor mounted solar PV systems allow the exact angle and pitch to be achieved, ensuring that maximum efficiency is achieved. Our fitting systems are strong, robust, and capable of withstanding the harshest of weather conditions, making them a reliable solution for the long term with excellent warranties.

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